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Employee Assistance Programme

HR have announced the launch of a new employee assistance programme in partnership with Vivup, a leading UK provider of employee benefits that specialises in health and wellbeing. 

People Services and Vivup have partnered via the new Employee Assistance Programme to enhance the support and resources available for employees.

As part of working with the new provider Vivup, all colleagues will have access to their exciting wellbeing platform, Your Care, which is specifically designed to support your physical, financial, and mental wellbeing.

Whether you’re facing problems at work or at home, you can access, at no cost, impartial, confidential advice from qualified counsellors for many different issues, including:

•  Anxiety

•  Bereavement

•  Stress

•  Depression

•  Workplace Issues

•  Trauma

•  Relationships

•  Finances

•  Family Difficulties


The telephone helpline is available 24/7, 365 days a year is completely confidential and to anyone needing mental health support at any stage. If requested/suggested, a further six one-to-one sessions with qualified counsellors can be offered (at no cost). 

To access the service, simply call 0800 023 9324 from any standard UK landline or mobile phone.


Some more of the range employee benefits you will have access to through our Vivup platform include:

•  Access to 24/7 support and counselling, 365 days a year

•  A range of personal, emotional and financial wellbeing tools to help you help yourself

•  Assessments to identify the risk of developing any of the five-leading lifestyle-related diseases, plus mental wellbeing and        financial scores

•  The option to set health-boosting goals with small, sustainable lifestyle changes

•  Connectivity with your health apps to automatically track goal progress

•  Blogs, videos, recipes and more resources to inspire positive change


A wide offering of resources is also available and includes downloadable self-help workbooks, debt advice and more.

To access these services directly, visit and register your details.

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