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Executive Head's Welcome


Welcome to The Lawnswood Campus

Lawnswood Campus is a Federation of three Pupil Referral Units, a Home and Hospital Service and an Integrated Therapy Service, a Lawnswood Learning Link Service, The HUB Service, Gold Outreach Service and a STARNet Service providing the schools and City of Wolverhampton as part of a city wide strategy to promote inclusion and positive behaviour in safe, secure, child centred, positive and nurturing environments with high quality teaching and learning via vibrant curriculum and intervention programmes that meet the needs of our young people.

The Braybrook Centre: KS3 young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and includes access to the LITS Service, Lawnswood Learning Link Service and STARNet Service.

The Midpoint Centre: KS4 young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and includes a dedicated skills block and access to the LITS Service, Lawnswood Learning Link Service and STARNet Service.

The Orchard Centre: KS3 to KS4 young people who require social, emotional or mental health support and has access to the LITS Service, Lawnswood Learning Link Service and STARNet Service.

Nightingale Home and Hospital Service: A specialist home and hospital service that works in partnership with key agencies to offer appropriate intervention to KS2-KS4 vulnerable young people with medical and mental health needs in a supportive and structured setting and includes a hospital school room at New Cross Hospital and access to the LITS Service.

LITS Lawnswood Integrated Therapy Service: A specialist provision consisting of Counselling Psychotherapists and trained Counsellors offering a range of therapies which include Humanistic, Cognitive, Behavioural, Health and Psychodynamic and Systemic modalities. The clinical work is underpinned by evidence- based practice.

Lawnswood Learning Link: A dedicated space for delivering early intervention programmes for schools. The Behaviour for Learning programme is designed to support young people who are struggling with their behaviour. This programme gives the young people the tools they need to support change their behaviour, the programme also includes Maths, English and PE lessons and a relationships and team building activity. We also offer an Exclusion Prevention Programme for between 1 and 10 days which unpicks the behaviour in school and encourages a deeper understanding if triggers and self-regulation strategies.

The HUB and Gold Outreach: Is a bespoke tuition service both onsite and offsite to meet the complex needs of individual young people for whom provision in Centre is currently not appropriate due to health and safety reasons. All young people are discussed weekly and their learning and engagement journey is monitored carefully as the aim of the service to build up their education provision over time in Centre.

STARNet: Is an inclusion service on Lawnswood campus which provides behaviour interventions using the THRIVE approach for our young people away from the Centres. It is used as an alternative to a Fixed Term Exclusion, Alternative to a Modified Timetable, 1:1 Intensive Behaviour Mentoring, Support for Complex SEMH Needs, Restorative Conversations, Listening, Reflection, Calming Space and Keep Up.

* We offer a full-time education with excellent facilities, where young people can take advantage of opportunities given to them to improve their life chances.

* We provide specialist teachers, teaching assistants and pastoral support managers and offer wide ranging support, observation and intervention to develop self-esteem, confidence, social skills.

* We assess the needs of each individual child and young person and apply consistent strategies and interventions that support young people to overcome barriers to learning in order to effectively re-engage and reintegrate them back onto their learning journey.

* We work in partnership with a range of mainstream schools, special schools, therapists and agencies in order to support each individual child and young person in achieving their maximum potential and enable a love of learning by providing a rich and meaningful curriculum and individualised programmes to target the young people’s personalised needs.

* We communicate closely with parents, carers and school staff to help them to overcome the difficulties experienced by their child or young person and provide opportunities for them to work with their child or young person in reflecting on their behaviour, identify coping strategies and identifying how giving time and praise helps the behaviour change process.

We also have two valuable community resources:

CPD suite: We have two large rooms which support a range of CPD programmes for staff and schools to hire.

Sports Hall and Fitness Suite: We have a 1.5 million Sport Hall and a dedicated fitness suite for PE and sport and fitness programmes for young people and staff and schools to hire.

Lawnswood Campus prides itself in having a an ambition to become ‘The Leading Light for Alternative Provision in the UK’, a STAR spirit - Support, Trust, Achieve, Respect and is committed to striving for the highest quality and standards in Safeguarding, SEND, Leadership and Management, Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes and Personal Development all of which are underpinned by our values: kindness, honesty, empathy, positivity, curiosity, resilience, commitment and responsibility. All Lawnswood Campus staff passionately believe in giving all young people a new chance to be successful and encouraging them to make a positive success of their lives and is governed by a Management Committee of education professionals, staff representatives and community representatives.

Lawnswood is a happy place to work and a happy place to learn.

Lindsay Watson
Interim Executive Headteacher

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